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Kimock Signature

かつて"神秘的ギタートーンの大司祭"と名付けられたSteve KimockはBill Krinardと"Kimock Siganture "アンプを開発するため共同作業に入りました。そして出来上がったこの素晴らしいアンプは最も高音質、敏感、効果的で今日のTwo-Rockアンプに音楽的に影響を与えるものを創りだすために選ばれた新旧また生産終了した特注パーツ等の混合から成っています。結局この開発には(BillとSteveの以前の経験や共同作業は含まず、単なる部品交換やその効果をみるための試奏や試聴)600人・時間以上の労力がこのアンプに注がれました。運命的に選ばれたパーツ類は探し出し入手するのに困難なものも含まれています。それゆえその部品が不足なため25台の限定となります。言葉では表し難い弾き易さ、操作のしやすさ、豊かな倍音を持ったアンプです。Kimock Signature はコンプレッション感のないコシのある素晴らしいリードチャンネルをもっています。 特長: * ゲインスタック2チャンネル, ソリッドステートレクチファイア, 2 X 6L6, 50 watts. * 4, 8, 16 ohm 出力, FET input (foot switchable), treble, middle, bass, bright, mid, deep, dual EQ settings, boost, gain and master each channel. * 3種機能 LED フットスイッチ   clean/lead, FET boost, and tone bypass. * Accutronics all tube spring reverb with independent send and return controls for clean and lead channels. * 特別設計の出力トランス, 個別に厳選されたパーツ類, Steve Kimockによるサイン. * Dimensions: 527 mmL x 265 mmD x 305 mmH / 重量: 18.5kg.


The John Mayer Signature

あのJohn Mayerと共同作業によってK&Mのもうひとつの基準となるアンプが設計されできあがりました。Johnは2005年初頭からツアーやレコーディングにTwo-Rockアンプを使用しはじめ私達は彼の更に必要とする仕様のアンプを造り始めました。Two-Rock Custom Reverb Signatureアンプをベースに100Wで素晴らしい深みのある音質を持ったシングルチャンネルのアンプとなりました。

Johnの好みに合わせ洗練されたオールチューブスプリングリバーブと豊かな倍音を含んだクリーントーンを創りだすため Sterling Signature, Overdrive Signature, そして Kimock Signature アンプの要素を豊富に取り入れました。フロントパネルの右端に"GAIN"と"MASTER"のコントロールを配置しトーンコントロールやリバーブから離し素早い音量調節を可能にしてあります。コンツァーコントロールにより出力段のオーバーオールな音質調整も可能となっております。外装の仕上げはガンメタルグレイのカーボンファイバーでシルバーパイピングが施された黒の藤網風グリルクロスとなっております。全てのアンプにJohn Mayerの直筆サインがありCalzone製ロードーケースに入って出荷されます。このアンプは25台限定となっております。


Quick Facts:

Gun Metal Gray Carbon Fiber Covering

Black Cane Grill with Silver Piping

100 watts, single channel, 4X6L6

4, 8, 16 ohm outputs

Controls: Treble, Middle, Bass, Bright, Mid, and Deep switches, Reverb Send and Return, Gain, Master, and Contour

Dimensions: 527mmL x 273mm x305mm H /  重量: 22kg


The Opal

The Opal is the most revealing instrument in the Two-Rock family. This amp is extremely dynamic, featuring a very fast response, incredible touch sensitivity, and famous Two-Rock tonal versatility for the discriminating artist and weekend warrior/tone freak alike! The dual-mode lead channel offers 2 independent lead voicings, offering the slightly more compressed lead tone(eq adjustments internal) of our classic Two-Rock amps, as well as the more open singing lead of the Custom.


It all started when K&M was invited to a boutique amp shootout in Northern California earlier this year. We brought two amps. One was our production line Emerald Pro along with a new prototype Bill Krinard (our never stop energizer designer) built from scratch on a short aluminum chassis affectionately referred to as The “Wood” Amp. The name is in reference to its enclosure, which is a cabinet grade, finger jointed, figured maple head cabinet, and for its refined organic tone. Different Tubes, different design, just different enough to blow everyone away! We were up against the best of the best and The Wood Amp was the secret sauce everyone talked about. Bill is always searching for something new, he constantly runs into the thick of our day with “Hey guys! Check this out!” We can hardly get anything done! But what an amp! He nailed it to the wall with authority. Never stop, Bill! What we learned from that one of a kind amazing amp has been integrated into our newest model- the Opal. Bill likes to call the OPAL “the wireless amp”. The reason is this: he has removed 75 percent of the wire needed to run an amp of this complexity by wiring the components DIRECTLY to their destination. This would be equal to changing from a 45 foot cord to having your guitar hardwired to the input of your amp! Then think of what would happen inside an amp! YOU have to hear this amp! This amp is fast, articulate with no harshness, smooth without being wimpy. Wider dynamic range, more sensitivity, more TONE! A new enhanced active and buffered post-return tube effects loop that is intregal to the tone and response of the amp, you have to hear this! The OPAL is available in a limited quantity and only comes in a 50 watt 6L6GC 12AX7 format. Any deviations from this are a custom order and will be priced accordingly. The OPAL… Brilliant …. Fiery …. Deep…. Precious !!! Try one today.


50 Watt Head with Reverb 20.5”L x 11”H x 10.5” D, 34 lbs.

For more information download the Manual.



“Mind Expanding Harmonic Overtones and Depth of Field”


“Complete Sensitivity! Listen to the Dynamic Range! This is what I’ve been searching for!”


“Wow! You guys have definitely hit a major bullseye! This is an amazing amp.”


” This is an extension of my guitar! This isn’t an amp; it’s an instrument itself! Unbelievable. ”




The Onyx is our first amp to offer completely independent clean and lead EQ-from the front panel. The clean channel has incredible depth and chime, and you can dial in a variety of clean tones at ease. Once you’ve found your favorite clean, move to lead- and get mid boosted, bright, deep, scooped- whatever! And the gain available can range from the slight edge blues players crave, to high gain rock. In addition, independent reverb and presence controls allow further tailoring, and an adjustable boost feature is footswitchable and operates on either channel! Available in 22, 50 or 100 watts.


Custom Reverb Artist


The Custom Reverb ARTIST takes our popular Custom Reverb format to the next level. All of the features of the original Custom Reverb, with an enhanced reverb and effects loop circuit and a few tricks passed down from our Signature Series Custom Reverb.This amp is exceptionally sweet, with a super chimey clean channel, and an overdrive that’s controlled, open, and when pushed can get some edge-while maintaining clarity and note seperation. This is the ultimate hand-wired two channel amp for the working musician, offering exceptional performance, features, and a 5 year warranty.




At last, an amp for the tone purist-a no frills single channel tone machine! Classic rock tones, incredible chime and dynamics, complete overdrive control from your guitar’s volume knob. 2 El 34s, 35 watts, loads of gain and crunch-but we didn’t stop there. We added a master volume and effects loop-bypassable for the purist, or in circuit for fat lead tones at low volumes without a power soak, plus the ability to add delay, reverb, etc. to the mix!


35 watt EL34 single channel, effects loop

K&M Ltd.


This amp is based on our 2 channel platform, with the following features: FRONT PANEL – Treble, mid, bass controls, clean gain, clean master, lead gain, lead master, reverb, presence. Clean bright and deep switches, mid boost is assignable to either clean or lead channel. Dual mode EQ, tone bypass, and clean/lead selector. Treble, middle, and bass controls on rear panel for lead channel. Effects loop with return level control and loop bypass switch. Power Section- the power section is unique on the LTD. It will accept 6V6, 6L6, or EL34 output tubes in cathode biased (Class A) mode for power levels of 12- 30 watts. In class A/B, power levels of up to 45 watts are available. In addition, a high/low power 3 position standby switch allows 2 power levels in either mode. This extremely versatile package is great for low volume rehearsal, recording, etc., yet can still provide plenty of clean headroom for larger venues!




The JADE Amplifier-PCB design, 3 channels, independent EQs, loop, reverb, direct out, global master…An extremely versatile, compact tone machine for those who want signature Two-Rock cleans, that elusive touch sensitive singing lead voice, plus the addition of over the top lead gain for a modern twist! Available in 22, 50, and 100 watts, and as a 1-12 combo with our new Two-Rock Special Design 12 or Jensen Neo. The Neo-equipped 50 watt combo weighs just 46 lbs!.


Emerald Pro


This is a new Two Rock Emerald Pro. From a versatility stand point, this amp is nearly unmatched by anything else that I have played through. The clean tones are beautiful and varied, and the lead channel is my Nirvana. Not the band mind you, but the blissful state one finds ones self in when the tone is just RIGHT, every time you plug in. I play rock music…remember that genre kids? The amp works for my style of playing better than anything else that I have ever owned or tried.


This is a two channel amp with channel switching. There are the familiar tone controls; Bass, Mid, Treble, and presence, but there are also some other tonal options to be had. The amp has a deep switch that adds additional lows and warmth, as well as a bright switch. The extra goodies that I love are the dual EQ mode switch, which adds an additional tonal voice to the amp and the EQ defeat which is foot switchable and adds a wonderful lead boost. My all time favorite is the negative feedback loop switch which removes the loop from the amp. Big thick lead tones is what you will get from this puppy! I leave this switch in the negative feedback loop out position almost exclusively!


As with most of the other Two Rock amps, this amp is equipped with two 6L6’s. It is the loudest 50 watt amp that I have ever heard. The amp does sound amazing at lower volumes as well. There is an effects loop that can be used in series or parallel. The parallel loop is a bit more tidy in the way that it truly seems to separate the effects in the loop from the dry guitar tone. There is a heavy duty foot-switch provided with the amp that has two switches, one for channel selection, the other for the EQ defeat switch. All tube, big tones, no regrets. Everything from black face to Dumble and all points in between. Did I mention the reverb? BIG!


Sound Quality: 10

I use stock Les Pauls and Stratocasters with this amp. I play rock, and blues rock…check out the site at www.lancekeltner.com and this amp is the best suited for my playing style that I have ever owned.


The amps noise floor is nearly non-existant, meaning no buzzes or ocean sounds. As I stated before, the clean channel is black face heaven, but can get as gainy as a bassman if need be. It is thick, rich and dynamic. The lead tone is where the fun begins for me. Huge tones. Big Dumble-like girth, but with its own voice. There are so many great tones in this amp. Even at extreme gain settings you may control the amp with your right hand picking attack and slight guitar volume changes. Rich bell-like tones ring out of this beast.


The gain channel is so rich and dynamic with so much sustain that I basically sold every pedal on my board that used to provide me with gain tones, and am down to a wawa, a voodoo vibe and a TC 2290 in the loop for a little delay. REALISM. Every boutique amp that I have ever played through that was a dual, or multi-channel amp just sounded fake. What am I talking about? Well, have you ever used one of these “boutique” amps at a high gain setting and realized that your tele sounds the same through the amp as say your Les Paul? Or that you roll off your guitar volume and get mush? Or you pick slightly softer and nothing changes? Well, that is why Dumbles sell for 10K. Few if any amp makers capture that magic that is the interaction between the player, the guitar and the amp.


The guys at K & M have done it in spades. If you are looking for an amp to hide behind tonally, this is not it. Go buy something else. If you want an amp that becomes part of your creative link, that is as important to your performance as your favorite guitar, or your left hand, then buy one of these now. Expensive….yes. Are they worth it…..yes again! I have tried, and owned a lot of amplifiers, most of them for a very brief amount of time. I own a Two Rock Amethyst, and now a Emerald Pro, and I will not be without this amp ever. By the way, the Two rock amps sound killer with the Two Rock 2-12 cabinet with Fane alnico 100’s. Not enough? Run the amp through an old Marshall cabinet! Killer tones, lots of options, brings out the voice of each guitar that you own.


Reliability: 10

The Emerald is new, so I can’t make broad statements about reliability, but I will say that the other Two Rock amps that I own are built like a tank, and the Emerald Pro is just as well made. I don’t anticipate any problems. I tour with the Two rock amp without a backup, and no worries.


Customer Support: 10

I called them when I bought my Amethyst head and they were very helpful. I was on a tour deadline, and they quickly added some features, gave the Amethyst a check up, and built me a 2-12 cabinet in a very short amount of time. These guys are Pro. Always there to listen, and to offer suggestions and help. Joe and Bill know their business and are always available to help.


Overall Rating: 10

I have been playing as a Pro for 20 + years, I’m only 37, don’t get any weird ideas! I use Les Pauls, Stratocasters, Newmans, and I own a few vintage amps. Effects-wise, just a wawa, and a couple of other goodies. If the amp was lost or stolen, I would be on the phone to the Two Rock crew right away to order another amp.


Other products.


I have tried or owned; Dumbles, old Marshalls, Vox, Fenders, and have at least been sent to too many boutique amps to mention, and the Two Rock is the best sounding and most flexible of the bunch. There are some new single channel amps out there that are nice as well, but if you want an amp that delivers multiple tones, without any compromise, this is it. The Two Rock is for me the best amp available.




We are proud to introduce an affordable, hand built amp with NOS tubes, reverb, series/parallel effects loop and unparalleled performance! This versatile 2 channel amp will take you through the full range of tube tones. From clean to gritty, all the way to superb overdrive-and all the tonal nuance, sweetness and life that has made our amps famous the world over. Available in 50 or 100 watts! This amp is a direct descendant of our popular Emerald 50 and Emerald Pro amps, with our classic Two-Rock lead tone! 50 Watt Head with Reverb 24”L x 11”H x 10.5” D, 43 lbs. Price: $3600.00 100 Watt Head with Reverb same as above, 47 lbs.